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It’s the New Year again. It’s the time of year that people seek ways to improve their health and well-being by listing resolutions or goals they want to achieve. However, for many people, taking better care of their health is more complicated than just drinking more water, adding more vegetables to their diet, or starting a daily walking habit. Disruptive chronic pain is a part of life for many people. And it is something that makes keeping health-related resolutions difficult to keep and often leads to a loss of productivity and reduced overall quality of life.

If you’re one of the nearly 50 million Americans that the CDC estimates suffer from chronic pain, you’ve probably tried a variety of treatments over the years. From chiropractic medicine to yoga to over the counter and prescription medications, there are a lot of options that will supposedly help reduce chronic pain. But for many people, pain is something they feel they have no control over and have little success in reducing for extended periods of time. Even among those taking prescription medications, only 58 percent found them to be very effective in managing their pain, according to a survey by the American Academy on Pain Management.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and are just looking to feel better, you might want to consider one more option: medical marijuana.

Every day at 420ID.com, we hear stories of people just like you. They are suffering, but they have also decided to explore all their options. They want to see if medical marijuana could reduce their need for opiates or other pain treatments. If your New Year’s resolutions include taking control of your pain and finding a better way to treat it, 420ID might be able to help you, too.


In talking with your primary physician about your chronic pain, chances are you were prescribed an opiate of some kind. Doctors often rely on these prescription drugs to address chronic pain in their patients because they have limitations in the types of treatments they can prescribe. Yep, most doctors, especially those affiliated with hospitals, don’t prescribe medical marijuana because of their fear of losing their Medicare and Medicaid patients. And it doesn’t take you many days of reading the headlines to know how addictive opiates can be.

Missouri Medical Marijuanas
Knowing the potential dangers of opiates, many people are looking for a different treatment option, and that’s where 420ID comes in. We help Missourians with painful medical conditions live better lives by helping them claim their right to Missouri medical marijuanas.

As a fully online company, 420ID serves clients across the state of Missouri, even those who are homebound or who live in rural areas. The doctors who work with us are immediately accessible to conduct telehealth visits and answer each patient’s questions about medical marijuana and how it can help in treating the pain associated with specific conditions.

If your consultation with one of our doctors leads you to pursue medical marijuana, 420ID can help you further. We will navigate with you the system for applying to the state of Missouri to secure a marijuana green card. Once you’ve secured your card, we can also help connect you to dispensaries in your area.

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