Based on the questionnaire that you just completed, it appears as though the chances of you qualifying are very high. The next step is to schedule your review with the doctor. These reviews are conducted via web video conference on a HIPAA secure tele-medicine platform. All you need is your smartphone or computer. We will provide you a link which will allow you to see and speak with the doctor conveniently from anywhere.


Press "Book Now" below and you can view the doctors calendar. Select a date and time (often times same day appointments are available). At the end of the review qualified patients will be immediately provided a signed Physician Certification Form (PCF) to complete your application with the state and charged $100.

Total Fee: $100 ($10 due now and $90 due at the time of your review)

The $50 up-front fee is not refundable. The $150 fee is only due if you qualify and are approved by the Physician for the program.