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On September 25, 2015, Chris Sanna (43-years old at the time) went to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game with his family to celebrate what should have been an amazing night, his mother’s 60th Birthday. Chris and his girlfriend left the game early in the ninth inning (about 10:15 pm) because he had to work the next morning and he didn’t want to get stuck in traffic.

Having parked at the Old Cathedral Parking lot under the St. Louis Arch, they had a 5–10-minute walk to his car. However, two men in a dark-colored vehicle drove up and the driver jumped out with a gun attempting to rob both Chris and his girlfriend. Lisa gave the gunman her purse but when they both turned to run away, the gunman fired several shots. Although a US Army Combat Veteran, Chris Sanna was shot in the back.


A GoFundMe campaign was set up for Chris Sanna to help pay for his years of future medical bills. If you want to donate to Chris’ Page, please CLICK HERE.

Doctors told Chris’ family that his spinal cord could not be repaired from the damage of the bullet. Because of this, Chris would not be able to walk again. Over the last 6-years, Chris has spent countless hours at the Veterans Administration, in local hospitals and doing rehab, not to mention having to cope with the loss of his leg.

Chris says, “Opioids are effective for reducing pain, but the side effects of many opioids can have devastating impact on every area of life.”

After getting a Medical Marijuana card from 420ID.com, Chris says this has helped him take back control of his own life. Chris now has more clarity, better management of pain and enjoys improved relationships with the family and friends. In fact, Chris has been able to get into a productive routine without pain by using Medical Marijuana.

420ID helped this veteran obtain the Missouri marijuana card credentials needed to help him make more educated decisions about his condition and quality of life. Chris says, “Getting my Medical Marijuana Card was quick, and it was easy!”

Before going to any dispensaries, Sanna likes to educate himself on the types of marijuana available. He is amazed as to the wide variety of options. In fact, recently he got a Marijuana infused gummy that also had Vitamin C infused into the gummy. Chris is blown away as to the diversity of options now available to him.

Every chance Chris has, he now talks about how Missouri medical marijuana has changed his life and how it might be able to change yours as well.

Click 420ID.com to start the process of getting your Missouri Green Card.

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