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How To Legally Grow Medical Marijuana In Missouri?

Common Medical Conditions That Qualify For A 420id Card

When Amendment 2 was passed in Missouri, it opened the door for easier access to medical marijuana, provided you received legal authorization from the state. It also opened the door for patients who want to grow medical marijuana at home with the appropriate state license. While the State of Missouri is no longer issuing new manufacturing licenses to those who wish to grow medical marijuana specifically to supply dispensaries, let’s look at how patients and caregivers can grow their own medical marijuana.

  1. Get a recommendation from the Missouri marijuana doctor. This is the required first step toward obtaining a medical marijuana ID card that allows the purchase of medical marijuana. It is also necessary to have a card before someone can apply for a home cultivation license. 420ID.com can show you how to get a medical card in Missouri. It’s a quick and easy process to use our telehealth and HIPAA-compliant physicians’ network to see a doctor through our secure, zoom-like platform. 420ID is the only company offering 100% refunds if a patient is not approved for a Medical Marijuana Card by the State.
  2. Know the process. Patients and caregivers can learn how to properly secure a patient cultivation ID card necessary to grow the medical marijuana they need on their own property. When researching the process for obtaining a home cultivation ID card, start with the processes Missouri has in place. Avoid working with organizations that claim they can ‘work-around’ or expedite the process.
  3. Complete a new application. As of today, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is the only organization issuing home cultivation ID Cards. There is a step-by-step application process that must be followed closely to avoid delays and glitches. There isn’t anything one can do to speed the process, but there is plenty one can do to delay it!
  4. Take this additional step if you’re a caregiver. For a caregiver to apply for a home cultivation ID card, the patient they are going to care for must complete a Patient Authorization form. A Caregiver cannot obtain an ID card in general to use for several patients. An ID card, while specific to the carrier, is also specific to the patient being cared for.
  5. Set up a growing space. Marijuana plants can be grown anywhere, as long as it is out of sight and in a secure space that can’t be accessed by anyone other than the authorized grower. The growing space can be a small room, a closet, a basement, or a shed. Unless you are well-versed in the cultivation of marijuana specifically, it is wise to get advice from someone who is. Experts can help you set up lighting, irrigation and other conditions in a way that is most conducive to healthy plants.
  6. Get your seeds. As of mid-2021, getting seeds is more difficult than before and options are limited. There are a few organizations in Missouri that offer tons of information about the different species available, and some offer easy delivery terms for your order. Note that seeds cannot be legally shipped across state borders! Be careful to order and accept delivery only from distributors in Missouri. Check out Growers Choice Seeds, or find a list of Missouri based seed banks at 10Buds.com.
  7. Harvest and dry plants. You have relied on your own botanical expertise or that of a professional and your plants are ready to harvest. There is still a way to go before the plant can be used in the manner for which it has been grown, but it’s all downhill from here. Dry the harvested plants in the open air for 1 to 2 full weeks. Monitor the temperature and humidity, so the buds don’t develop mold. Once stems snap easily when bent, the plants are completely dried.
  8. Cure buds. There is still a bit of moisture in the buds. The curing process involves placing them in airtight jars and storing them in a dark, dry place for up to 4 weeks. This process draws remaining moisture from the inside out and is where the terpenes that give marijuana its unique smell and flavor are developed and preserved. You can find more detailed instructions for drying and curing buds at Leafly.com.

We have only touched on how to grow medical marijuana. From obtaining the proper permissions and license to grow medical marijuana to methods to growing, drying, and curing, each step is vital to the production of good quality medical marijuana.

Are you ready for the first step? Schedule an appointment with a licensed doctor and see if you qualify for a medical marijuana ID card today at 420ID.com.

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