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Is 420ID Legit?

Is 420ID legit?  We know this question is circulating around, so we want to take some time to explain what 420ID is all about.  420ID provides telehealth appointments to individuals who are looking to obtain a medical marijuana card in the states of Missouri, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.  The following information pertains to specific law changes that have taken affect in the state of Missouri.

Missouri voters approved Amendment 2 on November 6, 2018 legalizing medical marijuana and the law went into effect on December 6, 2018. Although Amendment 3 was just passed on November 8, 2022 making recreational marijuana legal, holding a medical marijuana card from 420ID is still important for those who qualify to sign up for and keep renewing. This article explains why you should still sign up for a medical marijuana card even though it is legal for anyone to use.

According to the State of Missouri, anyone with cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, intractable migraines that do not respond to other treatments, HIV/AIDS, terminal illnesses, chronic medical conditions, and certain psychiatric disorders can ask a marijuana certified medical doctor or nurse practitioner for a prescription.

Signing up for a medical marijuana card may seem like an unnecessary headache when anyone can access the natural pain reliever and appetite stimulant, but there are numerous advantages that the state of Missouri recently put in place to help medicinal users get the same great customer service during their illness that they have come accustomed to for the past three years. The state is even incentivizing continuing to get your medical marijuana card by extending the effective date of the card from one to three years and reducing the cost of the card over all.

Bypass the lines with “VIP Dispensary Access”

The last thing someone who is suffering from a physical or mental issue wants to do is wait in the long lines with recreational users that will occur. Some medical marijuana dispensaries are expecting three to five times as many customers when the new law goes into effect in early February 2023, as existing medical dispensaries will make up 80% of the recreational dispensaries and new facilities will not be open immediately.

Priority Access to Inventory

Again, because you aren’t having to wait in line, you get the best selection available every time you go into the dispensary with your medical card.

Medical Users Can Buy More

Those with a medical marijuana card can purchase up to eight ounces of marijuana buds or its equivalent in rolled, liquid, or edible form per doctor/nurse practitioner prescription (limit 2 prescriptions and cards) for up to 16 ounces of product. Medical card holders can also grow more plants in a secured place.

Employee Protection

Employees who test positive for cannabinoids cannot be fired as long as they were not using, possessing, or under the influence during their work day or using a form of marijuana during the work day. Previously, employers were allowed to discriminate against employees for using marijuana, even if it was under the care of a doctor. Certain industries may still enforce a clean workplace.

Custody Protection

Medical marijuana users and their caretakers cannot be stopped and charged for possession of over the recreational limits or for growing marijuana in a secured greenhouse with the user’s name on each plant.

Tax Savings

Medical marijuana will still be taxed an additional 4% as it has been, but recreational marijuana will be taxed at a higher rate of an additional 6%.

The 420ID card is different from the medical marijuana card you get from the state of Missouri. The card provided by the state is paper like your Social Security Card. Ours is plastic like a credit card. 420ID handles the whole process online, so no wasting time sitting in a doctor’s waiting room to get your application approved. 420ID also helps you complete your applications for not only purchasing medical marijuana, but helps you apply to harvest your own plants according to the state law (an additional fee applies). A medical marijuana card has its perks but a 420ID card has even more! Don’t settle for anything less!

Medical Marijuana Card

Thank you for supporting our veteran owned, BBB accredited, Missouri company. 

*420ID can not provide legal advice. Please consult an attorney if you need assistance understanding the laws and how evolving regulations might affect you.

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