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Looking To Add Cultivation To Your Missouri Medical Marijuanas Card?

You have to specifically request adding cultivation to your Missouri medical marijuanas card.  The cultivation option can be added to any existing and valid patient license at any time.  You can log directly into your state account once it is created, and add the cultivation option to your account.  The state will charge a $105 cultivation application fee that you will be responsible to pay.  If you add the cultivation option through our system, we will be charging you $150 to fill out the forms, submit them, and cover the payment.  If you would rather take care of this addition yourself, we understand, we are just pointing out an add-on that we can help take care of for you during the processing of your new Missouri medical marijuanas card.  If you already have your ID card, and you would like to add cultivation to your account, feel free to contact us at 800-478-1984 and our team of professionals will help get this added to your account!  Cultivation is an option that many people decide at a later time to have added to their account, but it is easy for us to take care of it up front if you are planning to cultivate.  Generally speaking, it can take up to 30 days for the state to approve your application.  You are responsible for providing accurate information to be applied to your application forms.  Any false information could result in disqualification with the state.

You have to call us to setup the cultivation license option

It is important that you provide accurate and up to date information when applying for a Missouri medical card.  For example, if you go by a name that is not your legal name, you are required to submit your forms using your legal name.  If information provided turns out to be incorrect, the state may deny your application.  Understand that this cultivation add-on will only cover the patient or primary caregiver who is identified on the card.  This cultivation add-on does not authorize the patient to operate a growing facility that would be considered for commercial use.  You are limited to growing no more than 6 flowering marijuana plants, and all cultivated flowering marijuana plants shall be clearly labeled with the qualifying patient’s name.  Your Missouri medical card will need to be accessible to you at all times in the event that you are requested to provide credentials.  Once the state approves your cultivation application, they will provide you with a cultivation authorization that must be clearly displayed within the enclosed cultivation area near the marijuana plants.  

The authorization will list the name of the qualifying patient or primary caregiver and the address of the location that is approved for cultivation. 

You absolutely must only cultivate at the location the state has given approval for. Any violations of these rules could result in your license revocation. The state has a code of regulations that must be followed at all times, and you are responsible for knowing your limitations.

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