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Looking For The Easiest Way To Obtain Your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card?

Ready to get started?  Click the “Apply Now” button and once you submit your information, you will be taken to a page where you can schedule your medical review!

Try out our professional service today!  Our basic medical review service will help you get your Missouri medical marijuana card, but there is another step in that process that will require you to take action.  In the basic medical review service, you will be expected to send the completed paperwork to the state for review.  You will be expected to pay the state $27.19 for your application fee as well.  All you have to do at checkout is to choose the PRO option and pay just $50 dollars more so that we can take care of your form submission, and we will pay the $27.19 state fee for you!  The PRO option makes the process truly 100% hands free on your part.  All you have to do is schedule your medical review appointment with one of our licensed physicians and make sure you sign on and attend the meeting!  That’s it!  Once the review is complete, and the forms have been submitted you will be receiving your Missouri medical marijuana card in the mail.  You will receive a digital copy of the card in your email, and a plastic ID card will be mailed to your physical address! Just remember at checkout to add the pro service upgrade to your cart, and we will help take care of the rest! 

Qualifying Conditions:

There are a series of requirements that must be met before you can qualify for your medical marijuana card Missouri.  First, you must be a Missouri resident, second, you must be at least 18 years or older.  The last requirement comes down to your qualifying conditions.  Do you have any of the qualifying conditions listed here?

If you happen to not see your qualifying condition, or if there are special circumstances around your condition, please give us a call at (800)-478-1984.  We will have someone from our support team help you.  We know how much trouble it is to obtain your medical marijuana card Missouri.  By utilizing our services, we can help make the process much less stressful for you.  We also keep track of when your card is coming close to expiring.  We send out a renewal notice 60 days prior to your current expiration date so that we can get the process moving forward on renewing your ID.  If you are unsure about the process and need to speak to a representative, there are plenty of ways to reach out.  We have a contact page that has plenty of information available for assistance.  

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