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Basic Medical Review For Your Medical Card In Missouri

Our basic medical review service for obtaining a medical card in missouri is for both NEW and renewing patients who did not use 420ID last year.  Each client must be 18 years of age or older, and have one or more of the qualifying conditions listed below:

Qualifying Conditions:

So where do you start?  For example, if you have never had a medical card in the state of missouri, we can help you get started down that path.  All you have to do is click our “Apply Now” button and we will get you scheduled right away with one of our licensed physicians.

We utilize a HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform that allows you to speak directly with one of our licensed physicians over your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  You can complete this entire process from the comfort of your home!  The physician will review your qualifying conditions and determine if you are eligible for the medical card.  Our process requires a $50 down payment on the service, and if you happen to be un-eligible there is a 100% money back guarantee!  The approval process does not take long, and once it is completed we will work on getting your paperwork put together for your medical card in Missouri.  With our standard service, you will be required to submit the paperwork to the state along with the $27.19 state filing fee.  You will have to create your own account with the state and upload your photos and proof of residency along with your approval forms.  The paperwork will be completed, all you will have to do is submit the forms and photos.  If you are interested in having the entire process taken care of for you, feel free to check out our pro service upgrade package!

Well, let’s imagine that you submitted your own application last year and did all the paperwork yourself.  Maybe you are even interested in having a plastic missouri medical marijuanas card mailed to you every year so that you can keep a physical copy on you!  Maybe you are just interested in utilizing our services so that we can take care of the renewal process year after year going forward.  

You are still considered a new patient for our licensed physicians and will need to go through our standard service process which includes the 10-15 minute review.  If you have qualified in the past, you should have no issues working through the process with our licensed physicians.  The process is still very simple, and we will have you on our roster in no time.  We can then provide you with a printed plastic missouri medical marijuanas card, and we will send you a notice 60 days prior to expiration so that we can start the process of renewal for every consecutive year.

We are the only service in the state of Missouri to offer a physical plastic ID card for clients.  What makes our plastic ID cards so special?  Have you ever tried to put a piece of standard printer paper in your wallet or purse?  How long did that paper last?  Not long I would imagine.  Our plastic ID card is strong and durable and won’t fall a part after the first month or two of keeping it on you.

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