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The Differences Between Medical And Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana Legalization Matter

How many of you ask the question, why is marijuana important to me? Your answer may be as simple as, “I enjoy it, that’s why it is important to me.” While there are many reasons that individuals partake in marijuana, it is important to grasp the concept that this is a medicine for many people as well. The pharmaceutical industry is full of many different types of drugs that can affect our bodies in different ways. In some cases the use of tylenol or ibuprofen can be harmful to people with certain medical conditions.

The use of medical marijuana has been around for longer than many of the prescription medications on the shelves. So why should you choose medical marijuana over prescription medication? Well the list is quite long for many people, but we can keep it simple here. One great reason is that medical marijuana has far less side effects than many of the prescription painkillers on the market. How many of you read or listen to all of the common side effects on the prescription medication that is available to you? Some of these side effects can be quite harmful and dangerous, so it is important that everyone reviews their pharmaceutical requirements with a licensed physician.

So why should I get a medical marijuana card? Well, if you are looking to find alternative ways to manage your pain without having to use some of the major pharmaceutical painkillers, then you are likely a good candidate for a medical marjiuana card. Many states are legalizing the use of marijuana for medical use and for recreational use, so it is important to research your state’s laws and regulations and also determine whether or not you have any chronic pain or illness that you need to be able to manage with pharmaceuticals. You could very well be a good candidate!

I hear this question often, “Well if it is legal for recreational use, then why should I get a medical marijuana card?” Well here are some great reasons why you should get your medical marijuana card:

  1. Taxation on the sale of medical marijuana is considerably less than recreational use purchases
  2. You may qualify for a license to cultivate a small number of flowering plants for your own personal use
  3. You can often have access to dispensaries that only serve the medical marijuana community
  4. Dispensaries that serve both medical and recreational use will often have separate lines and waiting times

The monetary benefits alone are worth the price of acquiring your medical marijuana card. Sure, the initial cost up front may seem high to many of you, but you will easily save that money back in a matter of a couple of months based on the amount of money you will save on tax.

420ID has a great system to schedule you with a licensed physician so that you can have that freedom you desire. Imagine the life you can live without having to take harsh pharmaceutical drugs. If you don’t believe me, you should watch our video testimonials, they are perfect examples of people that needed an alternative solution to their medical ailments. Just listen to Tony Howard below to see how medical marijuana has helped him with his pain. No longer does he need to use prescription opioids or narcotics to manage his pain:

Could people like Tony just get in line for recreational marijuana like everyone else?

Sure they could, but Tony is in a position where this need is not for recreational use. He has a medical condition that can be managed through the use of Missouri medical marijuana. Tony and thousands of other Missouri residents are working through 420ID to receive their medical marijuana card today. Not only do we help you manage all of the paperwork, but we help manage your renewal year after year. We can’t tell you how many people come to us already with their medical marijuana card asking to join our renewal program!

420ID wants to help you achieve this freedom that Tony has. It is our mission to help people receive the care that they need to manage their illness. We want to connect you with licensed physicians today who can review your medical conditions and determine whether or not you qualify. If for some reason, you do not end up qualifying, you will get your money back. Our services are risk free. We are here to help change lives for the better. Don’t waste any time on this risk free opportunity.

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