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Types Of Medical Marijuana Products


Since legalizing Medical Marijuana in Missouri, it has been made available in several forms intended to be used in different ways. Why are there so many choices? For the medical marijuana patient, it is somewhat like most prescription drugs. One size does not always fit all. Let’s look at a handful of medical marijuana variations and how patients can get the most benefit from them.

The Flower

It is most known to be a cultivated and dried flower of the cannabis plant which is packed into a pipe or rolled into a joint and smoked. More than just a flower, there are also differences in the strain of the plant and the method by which it is cultivated and cured. These differences result in varying results for patients who elect to consume marijuana this way.

There are upsides and downsides to consuming medical marijuana in flower form. Some of the upsides include the immediacy of the effects of the cannabinoids as they are more quickly released into the bloodstream. The percentage of the cannabinoids that are released into the system is higher than when they are consumed by other means.

Downsides to smoking flower include the need for special equipment like a pipe, bong, or rolling papers. Also, to be considered by medical marijuana patients is that the positive effects realized when smoking flower don’t last as long as the effects of other forms of medical marijuana.



Another popular way to enjoy the effects of medical marijuana is in edible form. The hippie trends of the 60’s introduced the concept of crushing the flower into a brownie batter – thus resulting in the user getting high and satisfying the urge to snack that is usually associated with marijuana use. Today cannabinoids are infused into many edible forms, including popcorn, butter, mints and other candies, drinks and yes, baked goods, like brownies, cakes, and cookies.

More upsides and downs, of course with this way of consuming medical marijuana. For patients who are averse to smoking tobacco of any kind, edible forms of medical marijuana open opportunities for them to also receive the beneficial effects. There is no need for special hardware to use this form and there is peace of mind knowing exactly how much cannabinoid one is consuming.

The downsides to this form of medical marijuana are plentiful. Most edibles are made with sugar (a lot of sugar), artificial flavorings and colorings. These are less favorable to patients with glucose issues such as diabetes and those who have sensitivities to artificial ingredients and food dyes. For patients who tolerate these ingredients well, there is also a matter of added calories in the diet. Efficacy of the edibles also take 30-60 minutes, which may be a consideration for patients with qualifying medical conditions requiring more immediate benefit.

Tinctures and Patches

For chronic pain and other issues, a tincture or salve may be the preferred method of medical marijuana consumption. These tinctures can be used directly on the site of the issues and the dosage is measured so a patient is aware of exactly how much CBD they are using.

Tinctures and salves can be used as often as needed to keep symptoms under control better, but initially can take up to 45 minutes to be effective. There is nothing fattening about this method and blood sugar will go unchanged.

Patches can be used to administer cannabinoids into the bloodstream continuously as the need requires, but also take 30-45 minutes for patients to feel the effects. When a patient no longer needs the benefit, the patch can simply be removed.



THC-free capsules are a preferred method for consuming cannabinoids for patients who don’t want to experience a high feeling and who are concerned about testing positive for THC. It is the simplest way to ingest cannabinoids and the dosage is measured, giving added peace of mind to the patient.

NOTE: To legally use medical marijuana in the state of Missouri, you need to get your Missouri medical marijuana card. We urge you to get legal by making an appointment here for a Missouri certified doctor:

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