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Where Can I Legally Buy Medical Marijuana In Missouri?

Buying medical marijuana in Missouri is becoming easier for patients who have chosen to explore alternative treatment options for serious illnesses. Medical marijuana is more accessible but the only way to access the dispensaries is to take the proper steps to procure a medical marijuana ID card at companies like 420ID.com.


According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, there are 169 Dispensaries approved to operate within the state of Missouri as of October 26th, 2021, with an additional 30 dispensaries awaiting approval.

It should be noted that according to the laws of Missouri, a cardholding patient can purchase up to 4oz of flower or its equivalent in concentrates per month (according to the Missouri Medical Cannibals Trade Association). Additionally, a Missouri medical cannabis patient card allows for legal possession of up to eight ounces of flower or its equivalent in concentrates (6400mg) at any time without having to reveal the product’s source. Missouri also has a caregiver and patient cultivation program which allows for up to six flowering plants to be cultivated in a secure area of your domicile with the appropriate caregiver or patient cultivation license.

It is becoming easier to find licensed facilities to learn about medical marijuana, as well as purchase the solutions best for you because the cannabis industry in Missouri is skyrocketing in sales. As more products are being cultivated here, more products are being sold. In fact, as of the last September report on cumulative monthly sales, Missouri has surpassed $136 Million in sales with a trajectory of topping $200 Million by years’ end.

The list of licensed dispensaries within Missouri can be found at Health.mo.gov along with lists of cultivation facilities, infused product manufacturing facilities and lab testing facilities. Many of these licensed dispensaries have opened multiple dispensary locations.

If you’re looking to explore Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in person, you will be required to show your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card before you can even get onto the sales floor. This means you also must get a Missouri Licensed Medical Doctor to sign-off on your condition and recommend you’re a candidate for Medical Marijuana according to your condition.

Many traditional doctors who work in networks are still hesitant to prescribe Medical Marijuana because it may jeopardize a good portion of their practice because they take funds from the Federal Government in the form of Medicaid and Medicare.

This roadblock can be averted by going to patient focused telehealth organizations such as 420ID.com which connects patients with Physicians for the evaluation and streamlining of access to the Missouri Medical Cards. Not only is this telehealth solution convenient for the patients, but it helps doctors and physicians quickly help individuals who need treatment for their medical conditions.

If you’re wondering How to get a Medical Card in Missouri, just click the link and it will take you to our page that explains the entire process. However, if you are ready to schedule a telemedicine appointment now, all you have to do is click the “Get Scheduled” button below:

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